Aloha Friday Photo: A postcard from Hawaii

Hipahipa! We’ve got our very own handwritten postcard from Hawaii! Kim Steutermann Rogers sent us this postcard almost to the other side of our blue marble.

Outrigger Hawaii Postcard
Postcard from Kim Steutermann Rogers (Outrigger Hawaii)

Hipahipa! We’ve got our very own handwritten postcard from Hawaii! Kim Steutermann Rogers of Outrigger Hawaii sent us this postcard almost to the other side of our blue marble :-)

Last month Kim offered „very own handwritten postcards from Hawaii“ to her readers on Outrigger Hawaii’s view from here blog:

…a travel blog, where I write about living in, traveling about and experiencing Hawaii as a malihini, a 12-year-resident of the Hawaiian Islands. My name is Kim Steutermann Rogers, and you’re likely to find blog posts here about food–who doesn’t like to eat?–and outdoor adventure. Like hiking through Haleakala on Maui. Diving with manta rays off Hawaii (Big) Island. Snorkeling Shark’s Cove on Oahu. And paddling Napali Coast of my home island, Kauai.

Outrigger Hotels & Resortsis a Honolulu-based hotel chain and management company operating a multi-branded line of hotels, condominiums and vacation resort properties in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region.“ You’ll find them (and Kim):

Recently Kim received some leftover postcards and offered to send them to those readers who „make a comment below and specify your favorite thing/memory about Hawaii–be it a place, a person, a song, a food, a road, a tree, an animal.“ I supposed this to be not quite fair because I have so many favorite things and memories so I couldn’t select only a view of them. So I just commented:

There are so many moments we remember… some of them were stargazing at Mauna Kea in 2005. We couldn’t believe you can see so many stars. It was a little fresh up there but the sky was amazing. Sunrise at Haleakala is also an amazing event that we recommend to everyone who is on Maui. In 1997 I did hang gliding right from the summit down to the beach near Kihei :-)

Now it’s here in Germany: her own handwritten postcard from Hawaii. To buzzword a little bit: We are excited, we are… Let’s get serious: we are thrilled :-) So don’t hesitate and jump over to Kim’s blog to get fascinating insights on landscapes, peoples, animals, plants and… Hawaii!

But maybe you would like to know what you see on that postcard? It’s the Halema’uma’u Crater within the much larger Kīlauea in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. You will see there a lot of lava :-), a lot of ohia trees with their lehua flowers (blossoms) and maybe (when you’re lucky) you will see some nenes.

Mahalo Kim for the postcard and a hui hou!

..and yes: we did hike out to see the lava on Big Island and also inside the crater on Maui :-)

Haleakala (Maui)

Photo set of Kilauea Crater

We took some pictures at Kilauea Crater in 2010.

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Aloha Friday

Today is Friday and therefore we have Casual Friday aka Aloha Friday:

The tropical roots of Casual Friday go back to at least 1947 in Hawaii, when the city of Honolulu allowed workers to wear the Aloha shirt part of the year. The term Aloha Friday dates from the 1960s, when the shirts were worn on Fridays instead of normal business attire.

BTW I love wearing an Aloha Shirt – on every weekday :-)

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  1. Hi Frank, glad you enjoyed the postcard. I received request for postcards from people around the world–from Germany to South Africa to Australia to Canada. And the USA, of course. Your photos from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are fabulous. I particularly like „Somewhere on the Road“ and „Kilauea Iki.“ Looks like you enjoyed your visit to the Hawaiian Islands. A hui hou. Until we meet again.

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