Deirdre & Jonathan (European Commission)

Dieser Artikel wird definitiv in Deutsch Englisch sein :-)
Deirdre Hodson und Jonathan Stockwell:

Waltzing Matilda – Digital Transformation at the European Commission

More relevant to user needs and more coherent: those are the main goals for the European Commission’s digital transformation programme. From a web strategy geared more towards reaching out and increasing visibility, the organisation is shifting to one based on being more relevant and useful. Already, it has cut large swathes of obsolete content from its largest websites. A rigorous and comprehensive user-needs analysis is well underway, with input from 100,000 users. The challenge ahead is to develop living content strategies based on what Europeans really want from the Commission. It’s a complex task for a political body with such a diverse set of users from all across Europe and beyond, but change is in the air.

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