Die erste Ausgabe des we_magazine ist da! Ulrike Reinhard hat ihre Idee (ihren Traum?) vom Februar 2008 wahrgemacht und das erste Volume herausgebracht: 

We’re very much moving on the “cutting edge” with the topics we deal with and we warmly welcome the highly controversial viewpoints put forward by our authors which are first and foremost intended to stimulate discussion and debate. All this territory is so new and unexplored that we’ve very little experience to fall back on. As Stuart Kauffman puts it so well in the opening sentence of his article, “We are at a hinge of global history and need all we can muster to manage safe passage.”

[ Here we go: we_magazine Vol.01 is available! ]

Das we_magazine gibt es unter der Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Lizenz nicht nur als Textversion, sondern auch als PDF- und als Print-Version über Lulu.com.

Inhaltsverzeichnis des Volume 01:

Ten Futures (Stephen Downes)
WE: Towards a New Enlightenment and the Tasks of a Natural Religion (Stuart Kauffman)
WE Care – Corporate Social Responsibility (Line Hadsbjerg)
The world is talking. WE is listening! Global Voices Online (Ethan Zuckerman)
You don’t have to ask WE for permission – Creative Commons (Joichi Ito)
WE – The Media (Dan Gillmor)
From Youtube To WEtube (blogpost by Henry Jenkins)
WE are hiring Indians (Sugata Mitra)
Playing for Change (Jeff Cobb)
The Fast Learnung Organization – Enterprise 2.0 (Willms Buhse/Soeren Stamer)
WE Create – Mass Costumization and beyond (Frank T. Piller/Dennis Hilgers)
WE _Digtal Natives (Jonathan Imme)
WE distribute, shape and share information, knowledge and cultures (Regine Debatty)