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Interessante Lesezeichen für Sie zum Stöbern und Lesen. Dieses Mal zum Jahresanfang kurz und knapp zu Leadership (Leaving by Excample), Social Media, Connected Workforce und Quartz.

Seit einigen Jahren benutze ich Social Bookmarks, inzwischen ist Pinboard das Werkzeug zur Sammlung meiner Lesezeichen. Für meine Leser kennzeichne ich besonders Lesenswertes mit dem Tag “INJELEA-Lesenswertes“. In unregelmäßigen Abständen veröffentliche ich diese lesenswerten Lesezeichen hier im Blog.

  • What gets done is what gets done — Better Humans — Medium

    Leaving by Example: „I often end the work week at Makeshift with the feeling that, although I’ve got a lot done, I’d need another whole week just to catch up. And that’s before I deal with the stuff that I’ll be facing the following week!It’s easily solved, right? Work late, work the weekend, and just pull more hours. Wrong. You’re probably setting yourself up for a bunch of problems down the line if you tackle it this way.“

  • Social Media Is For Listening
    „The important word in “social media” is not “media,” but “social.”“
  • Inspiration / Trends : The Connected Workforce (free Lowres PDF) ~EN
    „This book provides you with the insights of what is happening in business technology and helps you understand the urgency. It describes the holistic vision of how to use business technology well. But it goes much further: it also contains a practical roadmap for the execution of your digital transformation.“
  • Quartz

    Eine neue Zeitung. Warum finde ich so etwas nicht in diesem deutschen Internet? Ist es mein fehlerhaftes Suchen?“Quartz is a digitally native news outlet, born in 2012, for business people in the new global economy. We publish bracingly creative and intelligent journalism with a broad worldview, built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones.

    Like Wired in the 1990s and The Economist in the 1840s, Quartz embodies the era in which it is being created. The financial crisis that recently engulfed much of the world wasn’t just a cyclical decline or a correction or even a bubble bursting. It was a breaking point. And its shockwaves exposed a fundamentally changed economic order with new leaders and ways of doing business.“

Alle besonders lesenswerten Lesezeichen gibt es auf Pinboard: “INJELEA-Lesenswertes“. Und natürlich auch zum Abonnieren als RSS-Feed ;-)

Viel Spaß beim Lesen, ein erfolgreiches und gutes Jahr 2014 und… live long and prosper!

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