Seven things you didn’t know about me

Martin Koser (frogpond, BMID) tagged me with a little blogger meme cal…

Martin Koser (frogpond, BMID) tagged me with a little blogger meme called "Sieben Sachen" (seven things). In his post "Seven things you didn’t know about me" he outlines, well, seven things one doesn’t know about him :-)

This seemed to be very easy for Martin as he has a lot of dark secrets. Now he has some less of them…

So for me this posting seems to be a little bit more difficult. As I’m getting older but not necessarily much wiser and my wife sometimes accuses me of having a memory like a sieve I’m not sure on what I already told you and what I didn’t tell you ;-)

I tried to remember some things really far far away in the past or things that you might not know…

  1. Dogs
    I had a German shepherd and used to train and instruct German Shepherds as a member of the Association for German Shepherds. I like dogs and mostly they like me. You need time and space for a dog so I didn’t have a dog for many years. I would like to have a dog again when I’m old.
  2. El Paso
    As a part of my training in the German Air Force I spent almost a year from 1982 to 1983 at the German Air Force Air Defense School (GAFADS, now German Air Force Air Defense Center) in Fort Bliss, El Paso. It was a fascinating time in the US (and in the German Air Force, too).
  3. Hawai’i and San Francisco
    It’s been 3 times I visited Hawai’i and 4 times I visited San Francisco. I visited Hawai‘ as well as San Francisco the first time in 1983 during my time in El Paso.
  4. Schwabenheim an der Selz
    I was born in Ingelheim am Rhein in Rhineland-Palatinate. But I grew up in Höchst im Odenwald and as I entered military service I didn’t think about coming back to the region I was born. Accidentally I moved to Mainz (capital of Rhineland-Palatinate) about 20 years ago. 8 Years ago my wife and me moved to Schwabenheim an der Selz – the small village where my father and my grandfather were born.
  5. Blogging
    In 2005 I needed a new webspace as the hoster
    quit service. I then decided to start using some freaky kind of software (LifeType) that
    promised to make publishing very easy. After some weeks I realized I
    was blogging.
  6. Falling asleep
    I’m able to fall asleep within seconds. Rumors say it’s a heritage as all relatives of my fathers have this gift, but my wife tells me she hates telling me a story and to later recognize I had been asleep all the time.
  7. The Internet
    I believe the Net is for meeting people in real.

I guess I now should list some people…

I would be pleased if you would tell me some things about you but I also would be pleased if you decide to just sit down to relax and to reflect on some things.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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