Toby Ward,  Prescient Digital Media, ist eine fantastische sprudelnde Quelle, wenn es um Intranet und insbesondere um Social Intranet geht.

Prescient Digital Media is a group of senior Internet and Intranet consultants that provide strategic Internet and intranet consulting, planning and communications services to organizations of all sizes.

Im Artikel „Social intranets become mainstream“ geht Toby Ward auf die zunehmende Verbreitung der Social Intranets ein („Social intranets become mainstream„):

Many organizations have social media tools (87% of organizations of all sizes have at least one social media tool on their intranet, according to the Intranet 2.0 Global Study), but often they are held separate and isolated from other parts of the intranet, or receive a nominal link from the home page. But more and more organizations are extending their intranet 2.0 tools, and opening use and participation to all employees.

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Ich habe eine Auswahl seiner Artikel bzw. Links aus den letzten Wochen zusammengestellt:

CommBank launches whole of bank intranet

The Commonwealth Bank has deployed a new intranet that focuses on social networking and collaboration.

Commonwealth Bank solution delivery manager Scott Suine spoke about the transformation of the bank’s intranet into an integrated, collaborative tool designed to lure Gen-Y employees to the organisation.

NAB uses collaboration to cut travel expenses by 40 per cent

The National Australia Bank has cut its travel expenses by 40 per cent by implementing collaborative technology across its 1,808 branches and service centres across Australia and overseas.

The social intranet fires-up knowledge sharing

Much has been made of the social media revolution that dominates most of the public discourse about the Internet and the evolution of the World Wide Web. It’s no wonder then that by the end of 2008 social media (Web 2.0) had become more popular than email (Nielsen Online) and that today four of the top eight most visited websites are social media sites that didn’t exist a few years ago (Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger).

Intranet 2.0 on a Budget

Eine Präsentation auf Slideshare:

Social Intranet Governance

An intranet governance model details the ownership and management structure, roles and responsibilities of those involved with the intranet. Specifically:

  • Ownership structure (organization chart)
  • Roles and responsibilities of owners, direct reports, content and application owners
  • Decision making process and procedures
  • Policies and standards

Social networking for intranet managers

A new social networking community for intranet managers uses predictive modeling to help people connect and share information. uses the highly successful and award-winning social software cubeless™ from Sabre is ideal for:

  • Best practice sharing
  • Problem solving
  • Blogging and networking

Auf Communexions habe ich mich soeben registriert :-)

Enterprise 2.0 und Social Intranet

Passend zu den Links gibt es noch zwei weitere [ via #e20 Daily ]

Nachtrag (15.07.2010): In „The intranet is dead. Long live the intranet“ beschreibt David Reinhardt, wie sich die Anforderungen an ein Intranet gewandelt haben:

The intranet of old was a place where corporates shared content with their staff. Today’s intranet also needs to be a place where employees engage each other. The intranet remains, the design imperative has changed.