Web 2.0 Expo Berlin – Dion Hinchcliffe (Part 1)

Dion Hinchcliffe is performing at Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. I’ll try to …

Dion Hinchcliffe at Web 2.0 Expo in BerlinDion Hinchcliffe is performing at Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. I’ll try to keep in track…

Web 2.0 changes the Rules for Creating Successful Online Products in the 21st Century

(Dion Hinchcliffe) 

He loves questions, short questions so he can instantly reply.

The World Wide Web

  • 15 yrs old
  • A simple, falt structure based on pages / hyperlinks
  • everything on the Web happens with http:
  • Invented by Tim Berners-Lee
  • A new type of platform: fundamentally communication-oriented
  • Web 1.0 (1996): 250.000 Sites – published content, small amount of user generated contend
  • Web 2.0 (2006): 80.000.000 Sites – collective intelligence, lot of user generated content, 1 billion users

Web 1.0

Surfing, content produced by central media companys, frew people put content online themselves, only a few people online, unrpoven business models,

Web 2.0

Very two-way use of the Web to consume and crate content, Content on the Web is now produced on the edge of the Internet, instead of the center.
More than 1 billion people online, Proven business models, many mays to interact with the Web

  • Ajax
  • user genearted content
  • social software
  • syndication and services

There must be a deeper underlying principle

Our Working Definition of Web 2.0 for Today

"Networked applications that explicitly leverage network effects."

(Tim O’Reilly)

Backgrounder on Web 2.0

  • A term that signifies a set of clearly apparent, widespread new trends in the way that the Web is being used
  • Not a technology; a widespread change in the behavior and scale of the Web an its audionc
  • Sometimes known as the Reas/Write Web
  • The core principle often cited is harnessing collective intelligence (Source: Tim O’Reilly)


  • Office 2.0
  • Google Maps
  • Flickr
  • Web sites made of content created by users (MySpace, YouTube, Digg, Wikipedia, eBay)People "remixing" the Web from the vast pool of content and services. Unprecedented peer production scale: A massive influx of user generated content via social media (YouTube – 65,000 new videos a day, Blogosphere – 900,000 new posts per day; this one not included :-) )

7 Principles of Web 2.0

  1. The Web as Platform
  2. Data as the next "Intel Inside"
  3. End of the Software Release Cycle
  4. Lightweight Software and Business Models
  5. Software Above the Level of a Single Defice
  6. Rich User Experiences
  7. Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Key web 2.0 Design Patterns

  • The Long Tail
  • Users Add Value
  • Network Effects by Default
  • Some Rights Reserved
  • The Perpetual Beta
  • Cooperate, Don’t Control
  • Architecture of Participation

What is a Network Effect?

A network effect occurs when a good or service has more value the more that other people have it too


  • Postal Mail
  • Phones
  • E-mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web pages
  • Blogs

Anything that has an open network structure

Triggering Exponential Growth

  • Even small networks have large potential network effects
  • But very large networks can have astronomical network effects
  • Recent Discovery: Reed’s Lowa, which say social netwoks are by far the most valuable use of networks

End of part 1 – proceed to part 2, part 3

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