Web 2.0 Expo – Killing the Org Chart: Organizational, Cultural and Leadership Models on the Bleeding Edge

Session with Nicole Dufft, Managing Director, Berlecon Research, and S…

Session with Nicole Dufft, Managing Director, Berlecon Research, and Sören Stamer, CEO, CoreMedia.

Now: Sören Stamer 

Self-organization moves the world

But hierarchy still controls the enterprises and kills:

  • creativity
  • agility
  • motivation

Networks drive change

  • Rising complexity 
  • Accelerating dynamic
  • Stronger values

Do you see the wall? 

CoreMedia – CoreMedia Evolution or the art of letting go 

Sören had to shut up more and listen what the people told.

Getting rid of departments!

Everything is a project at CoreMedia now working in / with peer groups with projects the people like.

Transparancy does not hurt. 

Open Space

No hierarchy, no rules. And they work on the topics that drive

Collective Awareness

Works better than process. There were a lot of ideas but now processes. So they just let it getting happen because of collective awareness 

Global Warming is a topic that arose in the sixties. Now – this year – strange things happen. Suddenly people begin changing their behavior. Not of the politicians and process but of the global awareness.


CoreMedia started as a software company without a software. They started talking and discussing. Every meeting starts with everybody talking about what’s up.

Now: Nicole Dufft, Berlecon Research

Enterprise 2.0 in Germany – CoreMedia is a very rare company in Germany. There are two worlds: Some talk about Web 2.0 and ideas and the others even don’t know of it. They initiated a study about the state of the art of Enterprise 2.0

  • 1/4 of desicion makers in knowledge-intensive indurstires do not know what Web 2.0 is
  • Of those who do know , 1/4 think that Web 2.0 is irrelevant for enterprises
  • 1/3 of all companies surveyed do not use any Web 2.0 toosl


  • 90 % believe that requirements for efficient collaboration and knowledge management have incriease over past yeras
  • Less than half feel sufficientliy prepared

There is so much information but its difficult to know what is relevant.

  • Enterprises use Web 2.0 tools very insular. They use them not on an enterprise scope.
  • 2/3 do not recognise the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 (a lot of barriers)
  • The good news: Web 2.0 will be part of daily company business (relevance is


  • Enterprise 2.0 concepts and technologies will become part of every day life in companys
  • Integrated Enterprise 2.0 solutions will have to replayse insular Web 2.0 tools
  • Enterprise 2.0 will change the way corporations collaborate, exchange knowledge and ideas and improve their innovative potential

Core results of the survey are for download www.berlecon.de 

Now: Nicole and Sören start discussion

What would YOU do to make your company more innovative / more successful? Now the microphone moves in the audience…

I will stop blogging now to better follow and participating the discussion.

Update: Martin Koser (frogpond) – Killing the Org Chart and Enterprise 2.0 Reality Check @ Web 2.0 Expo

Good idea that Martin mentions (and that I forgot to mention):

Sören offers a good idea: support the formation of weak ties in the organization, e.g. by having rounds of bilateral talks in the organization, whereby you create conversations and change the organization in the course of talking

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