World Community Grid launches another project to make the world better: „GO Fight Agains Malaria“ aims to discover new drug candidates to cure people from malaria. This „Malaria research project from Scripps emerges from IBM Watson’s winnings on Jeopardy“ (Citizen IBM). As a member of World Community Grid I will designate all calculations made by my computers for World Community Grid to this project for the remainder of 2011.

GO Fight Against Malaria

Robin Willner, vice president of IBM’s Global Community Initiatives:

When IBM’s Watson computing system bested two human competitors on the Jeopardy! game show, The Scripps Research Institute received some of the $1 million first-place prize money.  Now, Scripps is launching a project to identify treatments for malaria, partially funded by the winnings — and it needs help from the general public to make it even more successful.

[ Cure Malaria? Thanks to Watson, Scripps Research Institute & IBM Think We Can | A Smarter Planet Blog ]

Dr. Alexander L. Perryman started working on malaria as a hobby but now with a little help from some friends he brings his work to a new level:

Working on malaria started as a hobby that I advanced during nights and weekends for a couple years, when I wasn’t working on FightAIDS@Home, Professor Olson’s project on World Community Grid that seeks a cure for HIV.  With persistence and a lot of help from IBM and from fellow Scripps Research scientists, we’re now addressing malaria.

[ I’ll Take ‚Curing Malaria‘ for $1,000, Alex | Citizen IBM Blog ]

[ Direct link to YouTube: GO Fight Against Malaria ]

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